Welcome to the Missing Marketer.

Hello… my name is Jerry Harris.  And I am the Missing Marketer.  Now why do I say that?

“I told everybody at work what I was doing, and where I was going.  I invited them all to come along with me… But one day they looked for me – And I was gone…  I went AWOL”.

I Found Out Something That They Didn’t Know… WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT WAS?

I am a man in my mid 50’s – I’m a Father (and Grandfather now) living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Having grown up in Nevada, it was only natural I would go to work in the Casino Industry where I worked for over 36 years.  But no matter how hard I worked, I just couldn’t seem to get ahead.  Life always seemed to be such a struggle, and I never seemed to THRIVE, to have an abundance of everything that I worked so hard for… (if you know what I mean).

I always saw other people with the nice cars, the beautiful homes and lifestyles,  and as the years went by I just kept thinking to myself “as hard as I work – I deserve better than this – both for myself, and my family”.

So I became an Entrepreneur – First, to better my life – but also in the hopes that I could share my message, and serve other people by providing them with tons of value to help them on their life’s journey, so they too could find the peace and happiness they need to enjoy financial and time freedom.  So they too could have a better, and more abundant life.


I look forward to being of service to you – to providing you with value and whatever assistance I can, to help start you on your path to living the good life that we all were put here on Earth to enjoy.

What Motivates Me??? And What Makes Me Tick? I Love Presenting Valuable Content That Educates, Informs and Inspires Other People To Be Great!!!

My mission is to INSPIRE others, and HELP them create the GOOD LIFE we all want - AND DESERVE!!!

Through The 'FourPercent Challenge' coaching program you will learn how to work with the universal laws of success that govern income, sales, business, and all other major areas of life so you can do what you want, when you want, help others, and live life on your terms.

The Ultimate Benefit, Helps Us All - Helping Others Succeed, Is My Ultimate Reward!

If you want to experience a life…

Where every single day you wake up with so much energy, with so much love and gratitude for the fact that you know – that all day long, the only thing you really have to do is work on yourself, is work on your goals, is work on your vision, is work on your business – and you want to be at a point where all you want to do is work on projects all the time…

Well you need to start engineering your life in a way that is fun, fulfilling and more than anything, that makes you happy, and that allows you to get things done.

Because there’s no point in doing something, or to continue living your life doing something that you really don’t like doing.

There are times where you need to roll up your sleeves and get things done, and obviously – it’s about creating a sustainable life in a way where you can go about it.

Get the education you need… Get the income you need in place to live your lifestyle, run as hard as you can to get it all done, and then go on and enjoy your life.

– Kameron George

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Don't Be A Prisoner Of Your Past

Fear Of The Future Causes Us To Lean Against And Cling To The Present…

While Faith In The Future Renders Us Receptive To Change.

– Eric Hoffer

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