How is a Casino like a Sales Funnel?

How is a Casino like a Sales Funnel?

How is a Casino like a Sales Funnel?  Have you ever even considered such a thing?

Like any other Sales Funnel, whether it’s ‘Online’ or in the ‘Real World’, all Casinos start off with Advertising: be it on TV, Radio, the Internet, Highway Billboards or even the flashing Neon Lights we see as we drive by.

And like any other Funnel, they all have an offer (many actually) and they all provide value as a Solution for people’s wants, needs and desires.

For example:

1).  Adult Entertainment in the form of Gambling Games – for Fun and Excitement…

2).  Movie Theaters, Lounges and Show-Rooms with the latest ‘Acts’…

3).  Restaurants and Bars with food and drink if you get hungry or thirsty…

4).  Shopping Venues and Gift Shops…

5).  Swimming Pools and Exercise Rooms…

6).  There are Tour Guides and Junkets to get you there…

7).  And Casino Host’s and the Concierge to keep you happy once you arrive.

Some Casinos even provide Child Care while the Adults ‘play’ – and of course there’s always Free Drinks for all players at their favorite games and machines.

So you see, just like with the McDonald’s drive-through, ‘Real World’ Sales Funnels are Everywhere and if you have a business, whether you realize it or not (and whether it’s a good one or not), you too have a sales funnel.

So have you ever wondered what the ‘Insides’ Of A Healthy Online Sales Funnel looks like?  What are the ‘Big Boys’ doing – that if only you knew could ‘Fast Track’ your Business to crazy success?  They have spent literally millions of dollars on marketing, testing and developing their Funnels, and one thing you can be sure of, they’re doing something right.

I’ve found out how to get a ‘behind the scenes’ peak at just what they’re doing, so that I could do the same in my business.  I mean, why try to re-invent the wheel – when they’ve already done all the marketing and testing for you?

Would you like to see what a sales funnel that’s currently making $17,947 PER DAY (not per month) looks like?  And, what if you could Objectively (And ETHICALLY) knock off this SAME funnel, in less than 10 minutes by using web-based tools?

In this webinar, the one and only Russell Brunson is going to show you behind the scenes of this very same Funnel…  You’ll see each and every page, and why they work so well.

Now, this funnel is in a strange niche (actually, the target market is awesome), but you can use the framework to build out million dollar sales funnels for selling info products, coaching programs, local services and more.

Would you like to see this funnel? If YES, then you need to be on this webinar.  It’s FREE of cost, and you can check it out with no obligation!

Learn how to get the same Customers currently going to your competitors Funnels… to start coming to your Funnel instead!

Hope to see you there…

– Jerry Harris

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